Reasons I wish I were still in Colorado

Many of you know that I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Colorado. Today, my first day back at work, I have a whole long list of reasons I’d rather still be there.

• My friend Brandy is there. And that girl is downright hilarious! I miss working with you, Brandy! Things were so much more fun when there were the opportunities for Brandy/Mandy shenanigans.

• Mountain Time. I really wished I could jump into Mountain Time this morning and pretend it was an hour earlier when my alarm went off—so that I could sleep longer!

• The food. We ate at some downright yummy places in Colorado Springs. And made some amazing things in Brandy’s kitchen. And I really wish I could go back and eat desserts at Marigold’s. Because seriously, they looked life-changing.(Brandy had this evil plan to fatten me up and make me slower in the Bolder Boulder. It may have worked. A little.)

• The Air Force Academy graduates today. I’d love to see the fly-over.

• I wouldn’t be at work. Enough said.

Colorado was seriously beautiful, and I’d love to go back sometime. And I would SO run the Bolder Boulder again!


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