The cake that ate Thursday

Remember what I said yesterday about my department having a bake-off today? Remember what I said about me making a cake? Remember how I said I liked baking (which I do)?

Well, last night, baking and I almost had an “I-hate-you!”-screaming break-up. I’m talking throwing things and deleting phone numbers out of your cell and unfriending on FB. A talking-badly-about-you-to-mutual-friends kind of break-up.

Why? Because I decided to make a stupid chocolate cake and nothing—I repeat nothing—went as planned.

I’ve made this particular chocolate cake recipe numerous times. It’s a great recipe for a “deep, dark chocolate cake.” It’s really moist and yummy. I decided to make two layers, make a ganache filling (not as difficult as it sounds), and frost it with homemade chocolate buttercream icing. This actually creates chocolate overload, but by the time I frosted the cake, I pretty much hated chocolate. And baking. And myself.

First, making this cake took FOREVER. I started around 6:30 or 6:45 p.m. It was getting toward 10 p.m. when I got finished.

Secondly, after baking the cake in my round pans that I have used a hundred times and had greased per the instructions and then letting the layers cool in the pans for a bit, I went to turn the cakes out on the cooling rack. And one layer completely broke apart. Half of it was on the rack; half of it was still in the pan. Great, I thought. This is spectacular. But always the optimist, I thought that I’d just make that the bottom layer and cover up the problems with icing.

Then, I turned out the other layer and for some reason, one side didn’t come out easily, leaving a sort of jagged edge that was going to be hard to frost because crumbs would go EVERYWHERE! Score!, I thought to myself. At least the ganache was the right consistency.

I pieced together the bottom layer on the cake carrier and smothered it and all its fissures with ganache. I plopped the stupid top layer on. I frosted the top of the cake and started trying to work on the edges. This was really frustrating, actually. Finally, I just sort of let the icing do what it wanted and smoothed it around. And stuck the whole thing in the fridge so I wouldn’t have to look at it.

Hopefully, this “masterpiece” will taste better than it looks! 🙂


5 thoughts on “The cake that ate Thursday”

  1. I hate when a recipe you’ve made multiple times goes totally wrong one time, like you’ve never made the thing before! And if there is cake left over, you need to bring it over tonight 🙂

  2. That’s what I should name it! The “Chocolate Disaster Cake!”

    I was going to take pics and blog all about the process, a la, well, you, but after the first picture, my batteries died. I have no idea where the charger is. I need to fix this problem before I go to Colorado next week!

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