Dispatches: Things that confuse

Oh, it’s Thursday! Which means it’s almost Friday. Which means the weekend is ALMOST here. And also means that my visit to Brandy in Colorado is only about a week away. (The world will NEVER be the same again!)

All that said, it’s time for dispatches. And this week, there’s a theme! You know you are absolutely exhilarated by the thought!

• On Wednesday nights, Rachel and Mindy come over to watch AI results on my DVR after choir rehearsal. (Which last night included cake. Yum) Anyway, lately, we’ve been a bit disconcerted by a commercial that’s been appearing for an online dating service called “Online Booty Call.” The commercials always make fun of sites like eHarmony (which some very good friends of mine have found wonderful relationship through) and derides the idea of people actually using them to find relationships. Why would you do that when all you want to do is have a little fun and maybe have some sex? (Note: this is not my thought, but seems to be the overwhelming message of these commercials.) My questions: 1) Isn’t this site little more than some sort of escort service? 2) Can’t these people find one night stands on their own? 3) Is this a nationwide service or just local? 4) Exactly how trashy is our world?

• This morning, on my way up Thompson Lane (I like to take new and different ways to work!) I got behind a car with the flashers on. The problem? I’m not sure the driver realized they were on and she wasn’t a very good driver. Usually, if your flashers are on, there’s something wrong with your car. You have to drive slowly or whatever. She was doing that weird press-the-gas-pedal-to-the-floor, slam-on-the-brakes driving that REALLY annoys me. So, I was happy when I could get out from behind her because it really was annoying.

• I’m wearing corduroys to work today. They have the infamous “patch” pockets that we were once told magically made pants into jeans, which are expressly forbidden. I’m willing to take the fall for corduroys. They are not jeans. I’m like the William Wallace of dress code regulations!

• I’m running a 5K on Friday to raise money for St. Jude’s. This is a fairly well-planned and organized event, featuring bands and other stuff. So, why can’t the put a MAP of the course on the site? I mean, really. I understand it will go up Demonbreun toward Music Row and come back. But how? And on what streets? And do I get a T-shirt? I will likely have on my cute new running clothes. I’m not sure they’ll make me faster, but I will be CUTE! (Which, seriously, is actually what matters.)

• Tomorrow at work, we’re having “Dinner on the Grounds.” For those unfamiliar, this is a concept Baptists adore. Back in the good ole’ days, church members would all bring food and the church family would enjoy a nice picnic style meal together. Sort of like potlucks. Well, exactly like potlucks. Anyway, our Fellowship Committee thought this would be a fun experience for our department. Which it will be. They’re providing the fried chicken; we’re supposed to bring sides, salads, or bread AND enter the bake-off. OK, I realize most of the people I work with are married (meaning 2 people at least in the house), many have two incomes, and many have higher salaries than mine. But I just have to say this for the single people out there: Married people, we want to participate in the “fun” things you dream up. We want to bring food to the parties and contribute. But our incomes are usually more limited than yours because we’re doing all that you do on one salary. There’s generally not someone at home to fix our food or bake-off entries for us. And when we’re expected to bring a side or salad or bread enough to feed a department of 30 and then also contribute some baked good creation, it can get kind of expensive. I’m not saying that I don’t want to participate or that I won’t be bringing both a side and a bake-off entry. I’m just saying that when things start getting expensive, it’s going to be harder for me to participate. And you might need to recognize this.

• I just found out about an unfortunate unprofessional event that happened between coworkers in my office yesterday afternoon. Are we still in high school? Can we all just promise to treat one another with basic respect? I mean, really!


4 thoughts on “Dispatches: Things that confuse”

  1. do you actually have to bake something for the bake off? just get that premade cookie dough. BAM! also, bring mac and cheese for a side. just cause your single doesn’t mean you can’t make it simple. 🙂

  2. Oh, I bought potato salad for the side. And I WANT TO WIN THE bake-off. I actually don’t mind making the cake. It’s the bringing two freaking items to the event that’s bugging me. I asked if I could just bring one, but felt guilted into bringing more since “there might not be enough food.”

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