Wait a minute! Did I miss something?

Last night at the women’s event at church I was telling some of the ladies at my table about a strange occurrence I had at the Y earlier in the afternoon. So now, I tell you the story.

Imagine it: the Nashville downtown YMCA. Me wearing a T-shirt from high school, shorts, and a ponytail that’s kind of funny since my hair just got long enough for ponytails.

I walked into the workout area of the Y, heading upstairs to the running track. I stuck my bag and jacket in a cubby (they’re there for this purpose) and was really kind of absentminded. I had left work later than I wanted to, knew I had to run a 5K, and shower, get redressed, find food, and get home and walk the dog, then get to church by 6 p.m. Yeah, there was a lot going through my mind. So when random boy starts talking to me, I was having trouble following. I was standing by the cubby having just put my bag in. “Hey, is that your bag?” Random Boy asked. Um, yeah, I thought. You just watched me put it in there. What kind of lame question is that? “Well, can I put my sunglasses in there? I’m afraid if I just stick them in a cubby by themselves someone will steal them.”

This seemed reasonable to me and I was really in a hurry to get started running, so I said yes and started up the stairs. The guy seemed to want to talk, but honestly, I wasn’t focused on chatting. I was focused on running. I did remember to smile at him, though, as I turned up the stairs. He seemed a little taken aback, now that I think about it.

Later on, when thinking about the situation, I began to wonder if he was trying to find a way to talk to me. . . . and I totally missed it.

Oh, well. I got the run in and that’s what matters! 🙂

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