It’s all rock ‘n roll to me

It’s Rock ‘n Roll week, and everything is falling apart, apparently. Due to some crazy set problems, the contestants haven’t gotten to go through rehearsal. And apparently, they’re pairing up to sing duets this week. Very interesting. . . .

Stupid Ryan (who I don’t really think is that stupid anymore) intros the judges, then asks us to welcome the top 4. Adam is wearing something slightly frightening that involves tight pants with a creepy zipper.

And Slash is the mentor. Oh. Boy. Does Slash even sing? Oh, he’s recording his first ever solo album. Adam is so going to love this week. In the video of Slash talking to the contestants at the Roxy, Allison looks scared to death. Poor girl!

Adam’s up first and he’s doing “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin. Slash says Adam has effortless range (has he been reading my blog?). Slash tells him to stay in the lower register and not overuse the higher register. Which I think is AMAZINGLY good advice. Adam’s guyliner is on full display and his hair is really scary tonight. Adam is definitely in his element, wailing his way through the song, using the falsetto, working the mic, and dancing with the guitarist, sort of. I think it’s good, very theatrical, and Adam definitely can sing. It’s all just too much for me. Though I would probably pay to see Steven Tyler act like Adam just did, so maybe I have a double standard. Randy says Adam was a rock star tonight; Kara calls him a rock god (I am a golden god!) and generally acts stupid; Paula calls him “a whole lotta perfect;” Simon jokingly calls the performance understated and says it was one of his favorite Adam performances that no one else can top. Hmm. . . .

And commercials.

Allison is up next and is wearing leather pants, I think. Her hair looks really good. She’s doing “Cry Baby.” Slash says she has a natural rock n roll swagger and needs to get past the fear. Rock it, girl! She starts out well and seems confident. She’s got great vocals and I think this song suits the raspy nature of her voice and allows her to play around on the notes. I’m not sure that the performance is as polished as Adam’s, but the vocals are great and I think it’s one of her best all-around performances. Randy says he didn’t love the song choice; Kara says Janis was a good choice, but gives her props for having stage presence; Paula says that Allison should play Janis in a bio pic (?); Simon says she had confidence but tried to sound too much like the original. Then there’s weirdness of Allison talking BACK to Simon, who actually seems to enjoy it. I keep having to play ball with Muffin the Wonder Poodle, so, yeah, life is interesting.

And commercial. Then the first duet of the night.

Kris and Danny are joining faces to do “Renegade” by Styx. Kris starts it out and it’s just OK. Danny is better. Together, they are AMAZING. Great harmony. When the song starts rocking out, we’ve got boys picking up their mic stands all over the stage. It’s fun and while I made fun of this duet idea, I’m liking this. It’s great to see them just sing together and not have any pressure. Randy says together they sound great; Kara laughs at the song choice but says it was good; Paula calls it ‘powerful” and “compelling;” Simon says Danny was better than Kris. Was that even the point? The guys say they had a hard time picking out the song and had a hard time hearing on stage.

Kris is doing his solo performance next, and it’s the Beatles! Yay! Kris is a cutie and he had originally picked “Revolution.” So, now he’s doing “Come Together,” which I think Carly did last year. During the video, Kris talks about how nervous he was with Slash playing guitar with him, and Slash advises Kris to “pick up the actual live performance a little bit.” I think that’s code for “move around.” I like the idea of Kris doing this song, but I can’t really understand a word he’s saying in the verses. Via IM, Mindy says she’s never understood the words to this song. Maybe that’s it. I think performance-wise it’s OK. Not his absolute best, but good. Randy says he picked a song that he could still be himself with and the vocals were OK but Kris’ guitar skills were great; Kara says he’s the softer side of rock and wasn’t a great performance (trying too hard, not best song, etc.); Paula says it was risky doing a Beatles song and his “imprint” made it truly compelling (her word for the night!); Simon says he didn’t like it and compared it to eating ice for lunch (?) and calls it safe and boring. Simon still thinks no one can top Adam, and he’s probably right.

And, guess what? Commercial. Kris looks really sad. I want to hug him.

Next up, Danny. He’s singing “Dream On” by Aerosmith. I think Mindy is probably going crazy across time. Slash says he needs to get the scream right, which is ABSOLUTELY imperative. And in rehearsal, it wasn’t good. Tonight he starts out well and I like the glasses he’s wearing. When he gets to the chorus, I start thinking things are better. I mean, vocally, Danny’s got it. The boy can flat out sing. But I’m nervous about the scream and this performance is just not super stellar. The scream is better than I thought, but it’s no Steven Tyler and it’s by no means amazing. Randy says this isn’t Danny’s genre and it was OK but a valiant effort; Kara says it wasn’t perfect but props for taking a chance; Paula questions the song choice but says she’s a fan; Simon says the last note was like watching a horror movie but predicts Danny will be safe. I don’t think it was that bad. It was better than in rehearsal. Danny says he didn’t want to do a song in his safety zone and I give him props for that!

And commercial. Up next, an Adam/Allison duet. What in the world will they sing? While we’ve got the time, let’s talk about the fact that I met my friend Alisha to run today and I forgot my socks. Can you say blisters? It is so not cool.

Adam and Alison are doing Foghat “Slow Ride.” Allison starts out and is amazing. Adam then strust out in some very tight striped pants that men should never wear. It’s just not appropriate. I won’t tell you what Mindy IM’s me about the pants. But dude, those are way too tight. I really can’t focus on the performance because of the pants. But Allison and Adam sound really good together. And they hug when it’s over. Sweet! But the pants! AI, film him from the waist up only. I miss what Randy and Kara say because of my DVR, then miss most of Paula who I do hear say Adam and Allison are in sync; Simon says they had the best duet. GET THE PANTS OFF MY TV!

[I found a pic of the pants:]


So who’s going home? I don’t know. After watching the recaps, I worry Danny was the worst. I honestly don’t know who will be in the bottom! Adam is safe for sure. Danny probably has enough votes to be safe. Allison is the only girl left and may get votes because of that. Kris is extremely talented, but this was not his best week. But just based on the recaps, I’d put Danny in the bottom two. This is way too nerve-wracking. Or maybe I’m just way too consumed by it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s all rock ‘n roll to me”

  1. In my opinion, we are at the point in the competition were any of them can go home. Question, who are Matt’s fans voting for? That might change who continues.

  2. We caught the Adam/Allison duet since Fringe wasn’t on yet, and Jason & I both thought it was amazing. All I got of the competition was the recap, and I agree – Danny wasn’t so good. Jason actually said – that boy can’t sing that music. It was funny.

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