There are rules, you know.

Yesterday, I was dedicated to running and decided to go for a bit more mileage. So, the goal was 3.5 miles, but since it looked like a storm was eminent, I decided to go to the Downtown Y and run around the new track there. Yes, that takes away the challenge of wind and other elements. Yes, a hardcore runner would run in the possible rain. Yes, it’s running around in circles, which is a bit maddening. But it was running and I am not a hardcore runner. I am a running wimp!

There are rules for running/walking on said track. They are posted clearly on LARGE signs on the walls of the building. Several times. And it’s not really like you can miss them. There are rules about which direction to run on the track (different for different days, not sure why?) and rules about who can use what lane. The basic info you need to know is really pretty simple. If you’re walking, stay on the inside lane. Runners have the outside lane and the middle lane.

Apparently, a lot of people have trouble with these rules. It’s not that I care if you’re walking or running—heck, I’m glad you’re exercising! But there are reasons for the rules—mainly so that no one gets hurt. Bad things happen when runners suddenly run up on a slower walker in a lane they thought was all theirs. It’s a recipe for someone to get hurt when you’re spending all your time having to get into other lanes (like you’re a car) to pass slower people who insist on walking in the middle and outside lanes.

So, ladies powerwalking on the track at the Downtown Y yesterday: the inside lane is yours. The others belong to me. I don’t care if you think the rules don’t apply to you. I’m here to tell you they do! So, I’m sorry if you saw the dirty looks I gave you as I lapped you. Or if it annoyed you that I kept passing you and cutting back into the lane you were walking in—THE LANE THE SIGNS SAY BELONGS TO ME, THE RUNNER!

But yay! for you exercising. Keep it up; just stay in your lane! 🙂


6 thoughts on “There are rules, you know.”

  1. hooray for the 3.5 miles! you should maybe mention to those walkers next time with your voice. “get out of my lane slow pokes!”

  2. I was told the direction thing has to do with wear and tear on the track. Don’t how true that is, but my source was an avid runner. I have personally only touched our indoor track maybe 5 or 6 times in the last 10 years!

  3. You should do like Tea Leoni’s character does in Spanglish. Just yell, “LEFT!” (or maybe in your case, RIGHT!) as you’re about to pass. It will be more fun than dirty looks and might scare them into their own lane.

    Also, very proud of your running. Please pray that I get motivated. Tomorrow is Monday which means I am either starting Tae Bo or Pilates.

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