Keep it down!

Dear fellow employee,

I realize that a lot of things are happening in your life right now. Even though we’re not in the same department, I dont’ really know you, and the only conversations we’ve ever had have been to say hi or discuss the NCAA basketball tournament and our busted brackets, I know SO much about you. I know that you’ve been working out your mother’s estate and getting things in order for when she passes away. Which she has not done yet. I know that your kids get on your nerves sometimes. I know that your daughter is getting ready to graduate from high school, go to college, and move into a dorm room. I even know that someone has given her money for graduation and you are adamant that she use that money  to pay for her dorm. I don’t know if that means decorating her dorm or actually paying for room and board, but you seem very passionate about it and really, not very understanding of your daughter. How do I know all of this you ask? That’s easy. You shout into your phone every day, all day long. About personal family matters. I realize you are one of those people who has a loud voice. I realize that you LOVE to talk on the phone. But this is a workplace. I’m not sure I need to know all this about you. There’s kind of a problem when you have to interrupt personal calls to answer work calls.  Sure, I don’t know everything that’s going on with you and I can’t condemn you, because I take personal calls at work, too.  But I don’t usually take them with my door wide open and shouting.  Let’s just work on that. OK?  OK.

The girl down the hall


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