All the advice you ever needed

During a relaxing weekend with the family in Missouri (for  once, this  is not a joke. My mom was sick, my nephew had a bad cold, I felt like lying around. So we watched basketball and hung out. good times!) I got the chance to start sharing some advice with my nephew about life and other things. So I thought I”d share some of the things I told him and some of the things I plan to tell him as he grows. Feel free to add to the conversation.

• Under no circumstances should you go to the  University of Kansas. We are Mizzou people.

• You are a St. Louis Cardinals fan. Do not like the Cubs.

• I don’t care who you like in the NFL. Just pick a team and be loyal. And don’t be annoying about it.

• Vegetables are not the enemy. Ask your parents  for salad sometimes. They need the variation in their diet!

• You can play basketball or football or whatever you want. You can be a scholar. You can even be a male cheerleader for all I care.  I will always love you!

• Ask your Aunt Mandy for advice about music.

• Someday, God will call you to Himself through His Son, Jesus.  Accept Him and don’t doubt Him. You can trust Him in all things.

• Dream big dreams.

• Do your work with excellence.

• If later in life the doctors want to take out your tonsils, make sure they take out both of them.

• Drink water. Soda is a wonderful treat, but too much is BAD.


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