Oh, stop your complaining! I know that “Dispatches” is something you look forward to all week long. You aren’t fooling me! So, here we go!

• I have currently completed 3 brackets, each with different scenarios, Final Four possibilities, and national champions. On one, I even put Missouri through to the Final Four. Not that I really think that will happen, but I’m feeling the need to support my alma mater. I may go back and change it before games get started today, but we’ll just have to see! But I have faith in Mike Anderson’s coaching prowess and the Missouri Tigers’ ability to punish opponents with the “40 minutes of hell” style of play. Don’t let me down, Tigers!

• My dad’s birthday was last Sunday and I’m going to Missouri this weekend to visit/celebrate. Yesterday, I discovered my mom is sick and won’t go to the doctor (sound like anyone you know?) and I’m not actually sure how much celebrating will be accomplished.

• While we’re talking about my dad, the man needs a hobby. He is infernally hard to buy gifts for. My dad works, watches basketball and a few network shows, reads some, takes care of his church duties, and sleeps. What do you buy such a man? I should have gotten Cardinals tickets or something, but I didn’t. It’s hard to figure out a date in the summer for a farmer to go to a baseball game, since, well, it’s his primary work season and vacation days are few and far between. Also, Saturdays aren’t really a day off during the growing season. I ended up getting him a shirt and tie (CLICHÉ!) and a polo that I thought would look nice on him.

• I’m not sure I agree with America’s pick to send home on “American Idol” last night. I think Alexis was one of the better girls. She’s WAY better than Megan and more interesting and varied than the matronly other Memphis girl, Lil. I thought the judges might employ the save, but they didn’t. I wonder if they’re going to use it ever? It’s only good until the top five.

• My tummy hurts a little today. I’ve actually lost some weight without trying and/or exercising, which is not the norm for me. I’m generally a breakfast girl, but lately, when I sit down to eat whatever, I just can’t stomach most of it. So I quit eating. Around 8 a.m., I’m starving. I think I just need to move my breakfast time back or something!

• I sewed a lanyard for a friend at work and am in the process of creating personalized burp cloths for my nephew. Someday, I’ll post pictures. But don’t look too closely at the craftsmanship. It could use some work!

• When shopping for my dad, I went in a sports store at the mall and found all kinds of baby socks. Of course, Mizzou was non-existent, since Tennesseans hate the Big 12 or don’t know it exists or something. I did find some cute Duke socks, and I’m giving ’em to the kid. I’m not even sure my brother likes Duke or Coach K., but oh well!

• The quest to read 50 books is kind of stalling. I’ve been reading Rebecca, a book I love. I used to read it every year. And it counts in the 50 books because I didn’t specify that they needed to be NEW books! But I haven’t had much reading time or an ability to concentrate this week! Oh, well! I’ll just keep working toward the goal.

OK, enough chatter. I must eat something before nausea arrives. I have low blood sugar, you know. (OK, I don’t know that for a fact! I did at one time, but I highly doubt it now! But it is a good excuse to eat whenever you want, no?)


3 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. I just feel that this year’s tournament is SO unpredictable. So many number 1’s this year; so much back and forth among teams at the top. So I have no idea what’s going to happen. I honestly think Mizzou getting to the Final Four is pretty much wishful thinking, but hey, we haven’t been to the Big Dance in awhile!

    I reserve my right to like Coach K and Duke. Perhaps I will wear my Duke shirt to spite you when I get home tonight.

    So, there!


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