Wait a minute. Who am I?

It’s always a weird experience when you learn something new about yourself. You know, when you realize something you previously thought about yourself wasn’t quite right or true.

Like that time not so long ago I looked at my birth certificate and realized it said my name was simple Mandy M. Crow, rather than Mandy Marianne. Or that moment when you realize you’ve been pursuing something that was never God’s will for you. Or when you see yourself through someone else’s eyes and don’t recognize the person they seem to think you are.

I had that experience last night , just on a more light-hearted level. I went to my favorite salon to see Andrea, the girl who cuts my hair. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but I knew that  I wanted to grow my hair out for a bit and think about what to do and I wanted a little different hairstyle since everyone and their mothers have my angled bob hairstyle now. So Andrea decides to even out the angles to make it easier to grow out and off we go. But a newer stylist is kind of training under Andrea and she was showing the girl tips and tricks of cutting a bob while doing my haircut. So, there I sat, listening to them talk about angles and how to hold the scissors, and so on. Andrea then made the comment that I have great hair, then qualified it with “great bob hair.” (I think she was a little unhappy I was considering moving away from the bob. I’m sorry, I don’t  want to look like everyone else I know! ) Anyway, the trainee asked what exactly made ahair better for that style, and Andrea invited her to feel my hair. Which is really kind of awkward and weird when you think about it. But anyway, I digress. Then Andrea declares: “She has a whole lot of really fine hair. Like a WHOLE lot.”

OK, this is where I get suprised. Because I have always, always, always thought my hair was coarse. It has  always been so thick and heavy that I never considered it might be fine. It was sort of like an identity crisis.

But at least now I know. And will be able to pick hairstyles accordingly. Just ones without bangs, because no matter how many times I ask, Andrea informs me my forehead is too small. Which is true, but I still love side bangs.

Oh, well. Time to get  to work. I’ll muse more about this later!


3 thoughts on “Wait a minute. Who am I?”

  1. so if your BC has M, it could be anything. it could be Michael. it could be Marvin. maybe Madison. it could even be Mandy. Mandy Mandy Crow. weird. haha.

    i have fine hair too. the person who cuts my hair is always random, and has never pointed this out to me, but i perceive it to be true. who knows.

  2. Maybe I should just embrace it and point out all the time that me and my hair are fine! OK, maybe not. Scratch that.

    I will not respond to Mandy Marvin. Or Michael. If it’s Mandy Mandy, I’d like to be known as Mandy squared. Maybe that could be my rap name or something. Since I rap so often.

  3. Me on the other hand has course hair and lots of it. Andrea just loves cutting my hair 😉 Actually, she doesn’t have much to worry with…it’s the ones from childhood who had a hard time with my hair.

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