Sorry for the later than usual post,  but I’ve been doling out SAT test-taking tips s like a mad woman over on the magazine blog. Funny part of that is, I’ve never taken the SAT. The PSAT, yes. And when they still had all those analogies. Thankfully, the colleges I applied to were only interested in ACT scores which was so way more my style.  Anyway, I felt like it was time for a Dispatches post since me posting it on Tuesdays really isn’t happening all that often!

• I read yesterday that Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore quietly married in Savannah, Ga., on Tuesday. Does anyone  else think this whole thing is just weird? I mean, I knew they’d been dating. Then they got engaged out of the blue. Then, the just run off and get married. And RA is on tour right now. It’s just weird to me. And my world’s are colliding, since my hair muse (Mandy Moore) married one of my favorite singer/songwriter troubadour types. It’s like when your work world collides with your personal world. Weird. And you ask yourself if the two can co-exist.

• I bought tickets yesterday to go see my friend Brandy in Colorado over Memorial Day. I predict Colorado Spring will NEVER be the same again. I seriously wish I could take a vacation day today, though!

• It’s sleeting in Nashvegas today. SLEETING! Two days ago it was 80 degrees and we were all celebrating spring. Now, winter is here to remind us spring doesn’t officially make an entrance until next week. Personally, I’d like to punch Winter right in the face. (I would have thought breaking up with him was enough!)

• My high school basketball team won in sectionals last night. That means they’ll play an old nemesis, the Portageville Bulldogs, in West Plains, Mo. on Saturday at 1 p.m. , in  quarterfinal action. Go Mules! (Yes, my high school mascot is the Mule and I am stubbornly proud of it.)

• I’m getting a haircut today! I don’t know what I want her to do yet, but I am overly excited about the haircut. That is if the weather cooperates. I have a fear that something will go horribly wrong!

• We got word yesterday that there will be over 400 office moves in my department as we attempt to use space more efficiently and effectively. It’s possible I could have to move offices. I will let you know if I do and you can celebrate with me if said move is to an office with a window.

• I went to the used bookstore yesterday. I should not be allowed in there.  They store I went to is overwhelming because of the sheer amount of books. YOu could actually get lost in the maze of this store and you mostly just stumble upon things you want. I cam out with a nice hardback copy of the entire Chronicles of Narnia, which I have not read. (Don’t judge!) I also got a book by Daphne Du Murier, who I have loved since I read Rebecca and Jamaica Inn, and a non-fiction book called A Diary from Dixie. It’s Mary Boykin Chestnut’s diary (a southern lady)  and I went to state finals in History Day competition with my individual performance as her in tenth grade. I think I had another copy of her diary at my parents’ house, but I’m fairly sure I never read all of it. After reading Tried by War, I think I’d like to read it and get a woman’s take on the Civil War.

• I got a promo thing about CedarPoint in the mail today. I think that means I should go. I wish they’d comp the ticket, though!

• I think a medication I am taking is causing me to be anxious and have headaches. This is not cool.


2 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. Congrats to the Mules!! And when you’re done, I’d like to read Narnia – I’ve never read it either. I’m jealous of the CO trip. But I know you’ll have a great time.

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