I really don’t have much to say

that adds anything of value to the conversation today, but I feel the need to post something anyway.

So here are a few short and sweets:

I have seen Wednesday night’s new LOST episode now. It was interesting. And blew my mind.

My high school boys basketball team (why did I say boys? there is no girls team!) has been competing in the district tournament for a chance to go to state. They won last night and will play in sectionals next Wednesday night in Park Hill, Mo. The last time our team went to state, I was in fifth grade and basically the entire town moved to Warrenton  for the duration of the tournament. We did not win the title and my most vivid memory of the trip involves the amazing ice cream cone my dad bought me at the venue. I remember food, but not details. I’m weird. And congrats to Brad, a guy I graduated with and the basketball coach . He’s received a lot of flack from people in our hometown and I  hope this shuts them up a bit.

I’m pretty much OK with the top 12 , err 13, on Idol. I think I would have picked  Ju’Not  over Jorge and possibly put Ricky Braddy in, but I can live with the decisions. Now the real fun begins. And because of Tatiana’s crazy behavior and the judges (except Simon) fawning over her and putting all their attention on her INSTEAD of the girl who’d just made it to the top 12, made the show go long. Meaning my DVR cut off before the final decisions were announced and I was surfing the Web at 11 p.m. trying to figure out who the last person picked was. Only to discover they picked  two and the top 12 will be a top 13. I do think it’s funny that during the whole Tatiana-you-didn’t-make-it fiasco Ryan tried valiantly to remind the judges and viewers that Megan had just made the top 12., but no one was listening. He just kept saying it over and over while Paula tried to counsel Tatiana. Crazy!

Most of my family (we all met in Memphis last weekend) now have coughs and generally feel bad. You might want to avoid us! 🙂

Have a good Friday and a beautiful, restful weekend all. I’ll be sleeping. All. weekend. long.


One thought on “I really don’t have much to say”

  1. Apparently my hometown boys basketball team won state last year (and yes, we did have a girls team). I have no idea how they’re doing this year – mostly because I don’t like basketball, but also because I don’t really know anyone there any more. Congrats to the Mules, though!

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