Since I forgot to post a “Dispatches” post on Tuesday as previously discussed (oops!), I thought I’d just give it to you today. Since really, that’s about all I’m capable of this morning. It’s sort of been an exhausting week, emotionally and physically, and people have been acting like, well, broken people and I’m kind of ready for way less drama. I just don’t understand some people. But enough about that. . .

Ready? Good!

• I’ve spent a large portion of my mornings trying to schedule artist interviews for GMA week. It’s the third full week in April this year (I think it actually begins on the 18th or 19th, but do you really care?) and so far ec will be interviewing Andrew Peterson (squee!), Lanae Hale, Rush of Fools, Devyn, Decemberadio, After Edmund, Manic Drive, and a new group called the DreamPilots. Hopefully, I won’t be all nervous and weird, per usual. I have interviewed Decemberadio and After Edmund before and I’ve met AP briefly. Let me know if you have anything you want me to tell him!

• I sort of had hoped that drama ended when you left high school, but I’m learning more and more that life sort of IS high school with dress pants and company IDs. There’s a situation that has come up with a girl I am acquainted with who I know truly needs to be ministered to in some way. But things have kind of blown up out-of-control and it all stems from Facebook conversations/messages. So my advice to all people: if it’s vitally important and you want to keep misunderstandings to a minimum and communication to a maximum, talk in person. And don’t be passive aggressive on Facebook. It’s just not cool. Also, a general rule to people out there in general: friendships take time to build. You can’t just demand that people be your friends! Or use guilt to manipulate them into hanging out with you. Not cool, either.

• I got to see my nephew last weekend. He’s HUGE! The next time I see him he’ll probably be driving and dating. He’s 4 months old today!

• I didn’t realize that the wild card competition on “American Idol” is tonight. I think this might be too much AI in one week. And I don’t know that I can handle it! Especially if Tatiana gets through to the actual competition. Please, judges, NO! I do like the Wild Card idea, though, because it really does allow for talented people who just had a bad night to prove themselves. I just wish Ju’Not had gotten another chance. He was GOOD!

• I had a social media training (I know, right?) session yesterday at work. It was informative, even if I was already doing a lot of what was discussed. Then, after our internet producer went through all that info about Facebook and such, FB announces changes are coming. It will likely affect pages the most, making them more like profile pages. Which could mean that I just use our ec fan page and get rid of Ec Mandy Crow, my other FB personality.

• Several of my friends are without jobs right now and I hurt for them. I am so happy to have a job I like and is challenging that also provides a good income. And I know it’s been tough for these people. So, please, join me in praying for them to get some job opportunities and leads!

• My quest to read 50 books this year is stalling this week. Mostly because I’ve been busy almost every night and seem to fall asleep whenever I sit for long periods of times. No, I am not 400 years old, but sometimes I feel like it.

OK, let’s all get to work. So much to get done, so little time.


4 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. Tell AP I said hi! But in a “my way cool friend Brandy said hi” not a “my friend Brandy is a stalker.” I think you’re up for the challenge of making me appear way more cool than I am.


  2. I can try. I tend to get dorkier by the minute in such situations. And find myself laughing at things that aren’t funny while the interviewee looks on. quizzically.

  3. -No mention of your Mizzou Tigers big win over Oklahoma? 🙂

    -I agree Ju’Not should get another chance. Tatiana being allowed in the Wild Card round caused me to react last night that AI may have jumped the shark.

    -I too, know several without jobs. Gut wrenching. God will provide.

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