Yes, “American Idol” is on Wednesday this week, but I’m sticking with the plan and posting Dispatches today. Ready,  ’cause  here we go!

• I brought a King cake to work today. (And am currently wondering what the proper way to write King Cake is. Caps? No caps? Is there a ruling in the AP stylebook? ) Anyway, I decided we needed one, and stopped by the official bakery of Mardi Gras, Kroger, on my way to work. I also have a couple strings a of pretty pitiful beads in my office (from a bracket party for the women’s basketball team at Belmont I once went to with my friend Brandon). I’ve offered to throw them at people when they walk past my office just to make the experience somewhat more authentic. I’ve had no takers. I wonder why?

• Yes, my back is doing weird hurt-y things  again. I can’t really explain it. It’s my lower back and I’ve thought it was sciatica, but I should probably stop self-diagnosing and go to the doctor. It flares up from time to time and I think it may be running related. It could be that I’m more built for walking really, really fast.

• I’m going to Memphis on Friday. The  ’rents and Jason and Amber (and most importantly Nephew Eli) will all be there. We’ve got free rooms at the Peabody (my dad has some ownership in a cotton gin and this is the  Mid-south Farm and Gin show. (The gin refers to cotton gins, not alcohol. FYI)  My mom and I have shopping plans for Saturday. My parents are leaving Saturday night, but Jason, Amber, Eli, and I are going to a free steak dinner at one of those Brazilian steakhouse things. I’ll let you know how aall of that goes. And probably post about it and have pictures. But I’ll probably password protect any posts involving my nephew and brother’s family because of the recurring problem with his ex-girlfriend/fiance stalking my blog. I’ll try to send those of you I know will be interested the password beforehand.

• I’m overly happy that Kate Winslet won the best actress Oscar. I haven’t seen The Reader and won’t because I read the book and that was enough for me, but the woman is legitimately talented and has been passed over WAY too often. Yay, Kate!

OK, off to do some work. I have a meeting at 10 and need to get something accomplished beforehand. It doesn’t really matter what I get accomplished. Just something.


8 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. The first time I ever went to a Brazilian steakhouse, I didn’t know they just keep bringing more and more steak, etc! How great is that?! I have long since been a fan.

    Whoever gets the baby in the King Cake must have a special requirement they must fulfill.

  2. Hi Mandy! I’ve never had king cake. I tried to celebrate Mardi Gras this year . . . you know, with food. I was inspired by Top Chef to make gumbo and was so, so sad that the grovery store was all out of andouille sausage. Really, you cannot have gumbo without andouille.

    Anywho, when Kate Winslet won my husband literally clapped with glee. It was really, really funny. She is one of my faves. Although I suspect my husband has a celeb crush on her.

    Have fun at the steak house!

  3. 1. I always knew Kroger was Cajun!
    2. If you did have takers for beads at work, would they have to lift their shirts?
    3. Pbbt to back problems. A PT friend gave me stretching exercises 7 years ago when my back went out. They helped me.
    4. I love my password protect.
    5. I love Kate too! I think she is grrrreat! Have you seen The Life of David Gale. One of my favorites with her in it.

    How long does it take you to write a post? Because that is my main problem with blogging. I take so long to form thoughts. Just curious.

  4. Kelly! You crack me up. In answer to some of your comments:
    1. Ha!
    2. There was no shirt lifting involved. And I had to make someone stand in front of my office so I could throw the measly beads at them. I think they were just patronizing me.
    3. I think I need to get back into the somewhat weekly habit of Pilates. Strengthening the core muscles helps with back stuff.
    4. I will be password protecting anything about my family. I don’t have the password for your stuff, though, somehow. I probably lost it. Or forgot to ask for it. I am so going to have Alzheimers.
    5. I haven’t seen that one, but someone else told me I would like it. Must. Watch!

    As far as writing a post, it depends. Sometimes 10 minutes. Sometimes way more. Sometimes I get an idea, start writing it, and leave it in the drafts folder until it gels. I kind of regard my blog as an exercise in writing. Writers tell you to write when you feel like and when you don’t and to just set aside time to do it every day—basically to make it a habit. So every morning before I get to work, that’s what I do. And then I stick it up on the Internet for you guys to read. Sometimes, it’s definitely better than others! 😉

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