What to do?

A few weeks ago, I decided something had to change in my life.

I was in danger of becoming one of those people who lives, breathes, eats, and only talks about work. And it’s easy for me to get consumed in my work, seeing that we’re really far behind according to production schedules and I do think that what I do in the magazine and online for it is an opportunity to reach out to teens and speak truth into their lives. But I also know that I work at a place where it’s easy for people to say, “Oh, you aren’t married. You don’t have kids. We don’t think you have family responsibilities, so we can shovel all this onto you and you’ll do it.”

A wise person (a wife of a coworker) once told me to guard my life and be intentional about not letting work become all that I do. At that point, I started drawing some boundaries, saying no to some freelance opportunities, recognizing when I have too much to carry, and making a concerted effort not to take home work to do at night.

Then, at the beginning of this year, I realized I needed to carve out time for myself intentionally during each work week. So I decided Wednesday afternoons after work were mine. My special time to do whatever I wanted with them. I wouldn’t stay at work late. I wouldn’t run or go to the gym. I would just find something I enjoy and go do it for awhile before I had to go to choir rehearsal.

The first Wednesday I went to Fido and enjoyed cafe Americano and an amazing BLT. I kind of defeated the purpose, though, by taking work with me. I didn’t really do much more than look at it, though. The next Wednesday, everything fell through because I left work in a tizzy since my parents were coming the next day and I needed to do some chores around the house. Yesterday, I decided to go peruse at Goodwill. Laugh if you must, but it’s fun and sometimes you find really cool stuff. I looked through records, hoping to find a gem. (I didn’t, but I did find the Life Action Singers and a Loverboy album that I did not buy. I looked at the books in hopes of finding something great. I just wandered around and had a good time. I thought about going to get coffee, but headed on home to dinner and some TV before I had to go to church.

I haven’t decided what to do next Wednesday. That’s where you guys come in. What should I do next Wednesday? What would be something I enjoy and a place I could spend some time relaxing? Leave your ideas in the comments!


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