Wednesday Dispatches

Sorry for the delay in posting. Let’s just say that it’s been “one of those” mornings! Ready for randomness that rocks your Wednesday every week? I know you are! Here we go!

• Tatiana on “American Idol” got through last night’s room eliminations! How? Why? I am actually worried about that girl! She needs to chill a little. Or relax. Or something.

• Kentucky beat Florida. Somewhere, Mindy is happy. And I am having to begrudgingly congratulate her even though I was taught to dislike UK immensely as a child. I still hold little regard for Rick Pitino. I’m sorry, Mindy! Persecute me if you must!

• I am disappointed in A-Rod. But who isn’t? At least he is telling the truth, which is more than I can say for the moment that broke my heart: Mark McGwire testifying before Congress. Broke. My. Heart. I remember where I was (the gym at my old apartment) and that I shouted at the TV and people stared. We’re still on a break.

• My parents were coming to my house this weekend to help with the new flooring extravaganza scheduled for Friday, then they weren’t, then after a phone conversation yesterday in which I think I actually yelled at my mother (not yelled as in the shouting sense, but was angry and kind of verbally vomited on her), they are coming again. I told them not to, but now the stubbornness that both me and my mother possess has set in and we’re in a stand-off. I need to call her and apologize, but I don’t trust my mouth at the moment.

• The mag team bought a flip camera to be used for the magazine only. I can’t wait to see what hilarity we catch on video! That said, I need to get some video editing training. And I also need to start thinking more seriously about CSS stuff. Which I don’t understand. Go me!

• I have read six books so far this year. The last was the remaining writings of Jane Austen I had never read, including her first novel, Lady Susan, and two unfinished novels, The Watsons and Sandition. It’s weird to read something that just stops and you have to wonder what would have happened if Jane had lived longer and written more. I am reading a book by Jodi Picoult this week and plan to dive into the land of non-fiction next week at some point with McPherson’s book about Lincoln and the presidency, Tried by War. This could be where my reading 50 books in a year gets hung up. Let’s hope not.

• A coworker of mine won Lunch for a Bunch on a local Christian radio station. I’m getting free Chik-fil-A in a few! Be very jealous!

• Members of my team at work leave on Friday for a mission trip to the Philippines. It’s True Love Waits oriented and they’ll be there for 2 weeks. Pray for them as you think about it.

Well, I’m going to go try to get something accomplished this morning. Hugs to you all!

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