Things I learned this weekend

It’s been a CRAZY weekend, boys and girls. CRAZY, I tell you. There was game night, rehearsals, an ill-fated shopping trip, having to say no to a favor someone had asked me to do, getting to church early, mic check, a lot of singing and some high notes, a trip to Dimples Deli for an amazing omelet and half a loaf of bread, a quick Sonic stop, and an open house complete with tour guide duties, a sing-along at the piano, and finally, the promised free food. You may think that I haven’t had time to think, much less learn anything this weekend, but you would be SO wrong. Ready to hear all about it? Here we go:

• When zesting an orange, be sure you don’t accidentally zest your thumb. Not so much fun. But points for not actually zesting thumb into the recipe!

• Do make Paula Deen’s orange brownies recipe should you ever get a chance. A beautifully refreshing snack that involves no chocolate, they will be a crowd pleaser. And you’ll try to eat them all by yourself.

• When you have a game night with friends, take into consideration if any of them work nights. Said person will hit his/her stride around 10:30 p.m. If you’ve been up and going since 5 a.m., you will be fading fast at this point and quickly losing the ability to function in a social situation. You will lay your head on a coffee table and wish you had the power to teleport yourself to your home. And your soft bed and memory foam pillows you have now come to love.

• Lowe’s employees haven’t heard of sleeping in. They will call you at 8 a.m on Saturday morning and ask to come deliver your flooring to your house in the next 30 minutes. You will be sleepy and say yes. They will not come as quickly as they say. It will be slightly awkward.

• Crazy choir rehearsals on Saturday mornings before big events can be stressful. And mic levels take too long to set. And can cause you to oversing and scream instead of making harmony.

• The Gap has some cute pairs of black pants. But they only keep my size in tall and regular. And being a short girl, I need the shorter length. So it makes sense to go to other stores, right? Well, apparently every woman in the Nashville/Brentwood area wears the same size as me. Or all the stores were hiding size 8 pants. Not cool.

• Make sure you have everything you might need before you leave your office for the weekend. Because if you dont’, you’ll have to go back downtown on Saturday night to get said item. But the pro is you can talk a friend into meeting you at a nearby Mexican restaurant and enjoy a burrito smothered in cheese.

• When you’re a softie and already overly emotional, watching segments about Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg address and Lincoln’s 200th birthday, you will get a bit teary eyed. Go ahead, laugh. I can’t explain it, but I did. I wouldn’t wish the responsibility and stress of the office of president on my worst enemy and I think that Lincoln carried so much of that on his back. I can’t imagine leading this country at the time that he did.

• If you have sinus issues, take sinus meds before a big service at church that involves a HUGE choir number and a special by an ensemble of which you are a member. Because when you get really dizzy on the way up the stairs into the loft and down from the stage to sing the special, it’s not fun.

• When you go to a new place to eat (with people dressed in all black just like you), people will stare a little. Also, try to account for all variations of your name people might say when your order is ready. Because it is a bit disturbing when they say your name impatiently over the loudspeaker (after mumbling some sounds intelligibly that were apparently supposed to be your name) and then add the warning: “your food is getting cold.”

• When you know you’re going to be standing for two plus hours, it might be OK to forget about fashion and wear comfortable shoes.

• When you decided to sew a little purse for yourself, pay attention when you’re sewing the lining and outside together. If the outer fabric is facing the wrong way, the bag won’t work out so well.

• The Grammys are an interesting mix of people and weirdo performances. Thoughts so far? Coldplay, while I will always love them, might be a bit overrated. And Chris Martin might be a tool. I’m not sure yet. I’m still fairly ambivalent about U2’s latest single, even after a live performance; I think Carrie Underwood was off at the beginning of her performance, but found the right key and right notes pretty quickly; Katie Perry can’t dance, can sort of sing, and I don’t care at all who she has kissed; I oddly enjoyed Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus singing together; no comment on the Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder; I’m not sure Kenny Chesney can actually sing (Tennesseans, please don’t lynch me); and I am anxiously awaiting Dave Grohl who I thought was playing the drums for Paul McCartney. Oh, and one final thing: quit awarding Coldplay for Viva La Vida. It doesn’t deserve it!

‘Nuff said. Hope your weekend was great. . . and more relaxing than mine!


4 thoughts on “Things I learned this weekend”

  1. Wow – what a weekend! Jason & I ended up having a very leisurely weekend that involved going out to eat, taking Odie to the park, playing A LOT of Wii, and going to play putt-putt golf, which also included racing go-carts and batting cages. It was great, and yes, more relaxing than yours sounds!

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