It’s all downhill from here.

Today really started out well.

I mean, come on, it’s Friday. A weekend is in sight, even if I have to be a rehearsal on Saturday morning and a lot of other things to do this weekend. It’s still the weekend! I had even gotten most of my lunch together last night and only had to gather it into my lunch box. I remembered to wear red. I had scrambled eggs for breakfast and I love scrambled eggs. And did I mention it’s Friday?

So I was pretty happy when I managed to get out the door at a semi-reasonable time and start my drive to work. Until I took a random glance around the car and wondered aloud, “Where is my lunch?”

I made my lunch. I packed up the wonderful Mexican lasagna casserole my friend Brandy once gave me the recipe for (the recipe, though, is apparently for a family of 500. It makes a HUGE casserole and kind of freaks you out. Plus, if you ever make the recipe, make it in a much bigger pan than you think it needs. Otherwise, you’ll be mopping enchilada sauce and bean/corn juice off your kitchen floor because you overflowed the pan. And. you. won’t. like. it. Commercial break over. Back to our story.)

I grabbed a few baby carrots and tucked them in the lunch box. I checked the expiration date on some yogurt and threw it in too, for my 9 a.m. snack. (If you ate breakfast at 5:15 a.m., you’d need a midmorning snack, too!) And I apparently left it all sitting on my counter. SCORE!

At least I put an ice pack thing in there. At least it won’t SMELL when I get home tonight. But I do have to buy my lunch AGAIN, and I was really looking forward to the casserole, as weird as that sounds.

Oh, well. I will survive. I guess. If I have to.


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