On this LOVELY (*sarcasm*) day in Nashville, the only bright spot is Dispatches. OK, maybe I’m over-selling it, but, for real, it’s gross here. Snow is *supposedly* coming. And I fly out to Tulsa early tomorrow morning and have no one lined up to take care of my dog. Things are not going well. . .

• My parents and brother’s family have been hit with a lovely ice storm. My parents’ power (they don’t live in the city) kept going off and on yesterday and when I last talked to them at 6:30 p.m. or so yesterday, it had gone off in the afternoon and hadn’t come back on. They have heat, a gas fireplace in the basement, and are apparently spending all their time down there reading books by flashlight. You can see pics and videos here.

• I’m scheduled to go to Tulsa tomorrow morning. Tulsa has been dealing with an ice storm of its own, but when I last looked, it was supposed to be warmer in Tulsa on Thursday and Friday. I think we’ll be fine in Nashville as far as leaving here at 7:15 a.m. (Geeze, Mike, why did you pick that flight?! That means I have to be there really early!)

• I am coming around a little on my memory foam pillow. It seems to be getting better the more I use it. And it was really comfy this morning when the stinking alarm went off. I was holding out—when all hope is gone—that my boss would call and say work was closed for the day. It happened once; it can happen again!

• There is a place called purgatory. It is the flooring section of a popular home improvement store. I have been investigating getting laminate in my living room. Laminate because I have a dog and her nails can’t hurt it. They can, however, hurt the finish on hardwood. Anyway, I got a call on Monday that my estimate was ready and I could call and talk through it or drop by. I meant to call yesterday, but got really busy and didn’t get around to it. So I dropped by after running 3 miles at the gym, dropping stuff off at the dry cleaners, and craving grape Kool-Aid (which I don’t even really like).  Apparently, the flooring I picked out has gone non-stock and they were having to add it into my estimate manually. And the guy didn’t know how to do. But instead of just telling me that and asking me to call or come back later, he kept me there, not telling me anything, not going through the estimate that was finished, just muttering to himself and running off with shouts of “I’ll be right back!” Finally, another guy came up, went through the estimate with me at my request, then took out his calculator and figured out how much the whole install, labor, and necessary materials. Thank you, Mike!

• For my flight to Tulsa, I’m carrying everything on. It’s one night; I don’t need my whole closet! I am, however, having trouble deciding what needs to be in my quart-sized plastic bag. I know liquids, but what about my gel eyeliner, my cream foundation, my concealer? This is why I usually just pay the extra money and check a bag. And yes, the girl who took 6 pairs of shoes to Missouri for a week vacation can pack light. Really.

OK, it’s snowing now. Bleh. Let us go home early! Let us go home early!


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