In other news of the weird. . .

• I think ants are living inside my laptop. You laugh and think I’m joking, but I keep finding them hanging out on the keyboard and nowhere else in the house. Maybe the ants need to check their email?

• A guy in choir last night decided to talk about crows with me. I’m thinking my last name spurred this topic, but he kept questioning me about if I was interested in crows or knew much about them, and going on about how interesting and beautiful they were. Of course, he ended with, “well, you know they are scavengers, right?” Yes, I did. And, wow, there’s nothing like scavenger bird talk to warm a girl’s heart.

• I voted yesterday! Davidson County was voting on a proposition to make English the only language county business was done in. I’m not interested in debating my stance on the subject, but I felt really good about going to vote since I generally never make it to the polling place on the not “big” elections. And I felt pretty icky when I left work and thought about just going home, but I voted and am happy that my ballot counted.

• I’m looking to get a hardwood/laminate floor in my living room! Yay! The guy comes to measure the room today. Good thing I’m working at home.

• I’m adding David Boreanaz to my list of celebrity boyfriends. Some of the notables on the list: Patrick Dempsey (of course!), Hugh Jackman, Michael Phelps (though I think we broke up), and Jim on the Office. Not John Krasinski, Jim, the character he plays.

• And finally, I’m working at home today. Here’s the requisite picture. Bet you didn’t know Muffin the Wonder Poodle was the assistant editor.


Enjoy your Friday!


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