I really do know better.

Since it was 7 a.m. when I was getting ON the interstate this morning (*sigh* remember those days when I used to get to work at 6:45 a.m.? Ah, the good ol’ days), I realized there are so many things I know but refuse to acknowledge. It’s not that I ignore them per se; it’s just that I don’t do them. Here are a few examples:

• Every professional organizer/time management person would tell you to make you lunch for the next day of work the night before. I know this. I even thought about it last night. Then I remembered I had DVRed “24” and got lost in the world of Jack Bauer. (And as an aside: if I were him, I’d just give it up. When he has a bad day, he has major no-good, very bad days. And Madame President: I LOVE her. Can we elect a fictional TV character?) Anyway, I made a conscious decision not to fix my lunch. Which resulted in me rushing into the kitchen this morning, grabbing sandwich fixings out of the fridge and throwing something together. I’d probably get to work closer to on time and have more nutritional lunches if I’d just fix the stupid thing the night before. Because today, I pretty much have the lunch I ate every day of high school: sandwich, chips, carrots. Back then, I usually had pudding or something, but since I don’t have any of that at the house, there’s no dessert. Bleh. At least the work lunch bunch is going to Baja Burrito tomorrow.

The second example of things I should know better is one my mother would definitely point out. “Mandy, it’s 28 degrees outside,” she’d say. “Go put some socks on!” Yes, I know a blast of arctic air is hitting Nashville right now. I know it’s COLD (I have a heat pump, of course I know it’s cold. That thing does not keep my house warm enough!) But socks really weren’t an option with today’s kitten-heel shoe choice. And I didn’t want to wear hose under my pants, because I just didn’t want to.  Do I have to have a reason? And I don’t know what I’ve done with all of my trouser socks, but the ones that were clean and in the drawer did not look right. So, I shoved my feet into my cute heels completely sock-less. And my feet ARE cold. And they probably won’t warm up ever today. But at least they look cute. Even if I do have frostbite. Ah, the price we pay for beauty. And fashion.

And finally, I must apologize to my dad for a litany of cold weather car crimes. I know you should scrape the frost off the windshield or at least start the car and let the defrost do the work. I know that using the windshield wipers and cleaning fluid isn’t good and will result in screwed up windshield wipers. But I do it anyway. I know I should let my car warm up and then head off to work, but I don’t have time! I mean, it scares me to go start my car and let it run because even though my complex is safer than safe (I think!), I am a little scared someone would just take off in Lady Jane. And I’m never ready early enough to go start the car and sit in for awhile until it’s ready to go. Because, basically, I’m always running late. So, I really miss all those days you went and started my car for me during the winter in high school. Especially that car with the horn that used to go off by itself once it dropped below a certain temperature. That was fun. 🙂

Oh, well. It’s Monday. And a busy one at that. Which frankly, is better than slow Mondays. So have a good one! 🙂


7 thoughts on “I really do know better.”

  1. you can scrape your windshield as you let the car warm up without having to go back inside you know.

    i usually make my lunch the night before, i feel rushed in the mornings. also, i wear clothes for functionality and fashion. but then again i’m a guy and i don’t care as much about fashion, at least i’m warm today.

  2. Thank you for pointing all those things out, Senor Scott. I could scrape the windshield while I let the car warm up. . . sometimes I do. Today I chose to sit in my car and wish fervently for someone else to magically appear to do that task for me.

    I will be making my lunch at night from now on. It’s just not pretty.

    And I’m happy you’re warm. I am still cold. 🙂 I have a blanket, though. Which is unfashionable. . .

  3. I am wearing Steelers socks that match nothing else in my outfit today, but, hey, they won and I’m a fan! Comfort and fanaticism always trump fashion in my world!

  4. Nice use of fanaticism. Points for that! I thought of you yesterday when I saw the score. I was going to watch part of the game, but then I decided to play with the sewing machine.

  5. I make my lunch the morning of. But that is the way I do it, it’s the plan, so there is time for it.

    This morning I dreaded going out into the nastiness called frost and cold. I turned the car on and made a couple of trips between the car and house while the defroster did its work. I made a cake over the weekend and brought the rest to work, I brought the beef stew I made as well. My hands were full, which gave me the excuse to make multiple trips to the car while the frost melted away.

    When it’s cold, fashion goes out the window for me.

  6. Have to say I’m glad Jack is back. 24’s Madame President seems more along the lines of honorable President “Palmer now in the Delta Force and ads for Allstate.” Respected and preferable over the previous President “Whatshisname, who looks like Nixon.” I still am disturbed that Janeane Garofalo is on the show in any capacity. But that’s just me.

    Y’all are welcome to the current 8 degree weather we have up here. 🙂

  7. I’m still up in the air on the new president but I have hope. With any luck she’ll be the first decent president not named Palmer. At this point all I know for sure is she isn’t corrupt. That’s a start.

    I do know this though, if Janis doesn’t quit messing with Chloe’s work she’s gonna get her you know what kicked.

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