I am a winner. (And dog gone it, people like me.)

I won tickets to see Fiction Family this morning! Yay! Now I get to go to the show, see if it’s any good, and don’t have to pay for it. Double yay! I will scout out Fiction Family for you all and let you know if they are listen/purchase-worthy (in my opinion, of course, which you can take or leave).

And (drumroll, please) I won the tickets on a question about Led Zeppelin (did I spell it right, Scott?), of all things.

Cameron Crowe would be so pleased.

P.S.: nominations are being accepted as to who will go along with me. Janice, ditch the children. I really wish someone would fight for the right to the free ticket a little more. . .
My self-esteem is suffering.


2 thoughts on “I am a winner. (And dog gone it, people like me.)”

  1. It was:
    which former member of Led Zeppelin has worked with the Yardbirds, REM, and the Butthole Surfers (unfortunate name)?

    I will admit that I did not know the question off-hand and would have probably guessed Robert Plant . . . but I do know how to use Google and it was John Paul Jones.

    So why can I spell Led Zeppelin correctly and misspell so many easier things? Why?! (you don’t really have to answer that)

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