So I could write a beautiful, thought-provoking post today, but I’m not going to. Mostly because I haven’t had many thought-provoking thoughts lately. (Can you have thought-provoking thoughts? Or does that defeat the purpose? Does that phrase basically add up to saying nothing? Hmm. . . )

Anyway, today you get my beautiful dispatches post. And don’t try to hide it. You know you love them. So, sit back, relax, grab some snacks, enjoy. It’s your guilty pleasure.

• Many of you know of my recent “addiction” to “Dawson’s Creek.” Yeah, I can’t explain it either, except that I think it’s fueled by a newfound love for Joshua Jackson who grew up to be very pretty. (Yes, I know, don’t call a guy pretty.) Anyway, I set my DVR to record Dawson’s whenever it came on since I’ve seen very few episodes. Since then, I’ve watched a lot of the last season, including the last episode and several episodes from the first season. (I actually watched the first episode and last episode of the series on the same day. Weird.) But this week, THERE’S NO DAWSON’S CREEK ON ANYWHERE! Just when I got addicted, they pulled it away!

• I am thoroughly enjoying being reunited with all of my earrings after their unplanned vacation at my parents’ house between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oddly though, it’s the old favorites/classics I’m happiest to see, not the rebound earrings. Maybe I’m getting over the loss of my favorite earrings.

• In other news, I slept very well last night, thank you very much!

• Choir rehearsal starts back at church tonight. I’m oddly excited/happy about it. Does that make me weird? It’s like seeing your family again after a long absence.

I got called beautiful on my Flickr site. Wow! (Or whatever! I just think it’s funny, because that is definitely not my best picture and I don’t know how I feel about strange, random stranger guy calling me beautiful. Actually, I’m more upset that he misspelled it. Oh well, at least he didn’t call me “cute.”)

• I made a homemade chicken gyro for my supper last night. Granted, it probably wasn’t all that authentic since I had no recipe and was just going on what’s in the gyro at the Greek place I like. But it tasted pretty good to me.

• I ordered a new dress to wear at my friend Kelly‘s wedding (in 2 weeks). Here’s the one I got. It had to be black, because I’m a lantern bearer at the wedding, and it had to travel well, hence the matte jersey. Now if I could just talk Hotwire into letting me change my flights. . .

• I am feeling überproductive in my newly rearranged office. It couldn’t come at a better time!

• Most of you know that I like to wear socks that have “personality.” So, I own striped socks, socks declaring the wonders of cookies and milk, socks with dogs on them, snowflake socks, mitten socks, breakfast food socks, and even a pair of socks with pizza slices on them. Yeah. (My mother aids this by buying me socks every year for Christmas.) Anyway, I like funny socks. But I had to go to the doctor on Monday. And since I already expected the visit to be particularly embarrassing/humbling/awkward for various reasons, I knew I was in for some awkward delightfulness when the doctor decided to make conversation about my socks. Oh well. I survived and am healthy.

• I am reading a book called The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen. It’s fiction, but written as if it’s an edition detailing Jane’s recently discovered (and completely fictional) unbefore-seen journals. Basically, the author wanted to give Jane a romance of her own, since scholars don’t really know what all relationships she had since her sister burned much of their letters before her death to protect Jane’s privacy. There’s proof of a flirtation with Tom LeFroy (which is what the movie “Becoming Jane” is based on), but that was over pretty quick. What bothers me about this book is that the writer seemed to take characters from Jane’s books and revamp them into characters in her life. And the writer of this novel can’t seem to come up with fresh ideas for her plot and simply reuses stuff Austen used in her books. A secret fiancé (Sense and Sensability). A rich guy from Derbyshire (Pride and Prejudice). A creepy place with tales about how it’s haunted (Northanger Abbey). It’s an enjoyable read and I’ll finish it, but I would have preferred to see more of the writer’s own thoughts!

That’s enough for today. Comment away!


6 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. Just saying that I do look forward to your dispatch posts 🙂

    Also, I am a nerd who looked forward to choir too. I am considering joining choir at my church here, but I am admittingly afraid that it won’t be as fun as Judson was.

  2. “Thought-provoking thoughts” makes sense. Some contradictory statements that come to mind: Efficient bureaucrat, Jumbo shrimp, Awfully good, Accidentally on purpose, Permanent temp, Freezer burn, That’s bad (meaning good). The list goes on and on…

  3. I like dispatches.

    Of course someone would comment on a picture of you…You are beautiful.

    People just need to leave Jane Austen only. The mystery of not knowing is the excitement.

  4. Aw, you made me blush, Mindy! Thanks, I’ll take a compliment when I get one. And I’m glad you guys like “Dispatches.” I base my self-worth on blog comments, you know. (not really, sheesh!)

    Crystal, the choir won’t be as much fun because Mindy and I aren’t in it, but it could be fun. I could share all my choreography ideas. (I am not serious, though I am continually coming up with cheesy choreography.)

  5. i had a guy leave a flickr comment on a self portrait of me from a year and a half ago. he said he liked my short hair better. definitely the creepiest comment yet.

  6. That is, um, weird. I don’t know why people you don’t know feel the need to tell you these things. I mean, come on! I also don’t know why I seem to attract the creepiest of them. . . .but I think your comment is skeevier. (comparative form of the Mandy word “skeevy.”)

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