In review

So as I’m surfing the Web, signing in to check my e-mail, or any other myriad of things I do online every day, I often run across stories that demand I read them. Some, then, demand mockery or thoughtfulness. I’m dedicated to sharing my thoughts with you, so here we go!

This article pointed to a study that found that romantic comedies *may* set up unrealistic expectations. My response? Um, you think?! Ask any girl with a brain this question and we’ll all tell you the truth: yes, they do. Because most of us are a sucker for that mushy stuff in which guys do absolutely romantic things (like show up outside your house holding boom boxes over their heads, meeting you at the top of the Empire State Building, and you know, riding a horse to break up your wedding to the wrong guy—you know, generally behave in “un-guy-like” ways), we know that the made-up reality of the movies doesn’t play into real life. Our brains know that; our hearts sometime hope when all hope is gone, to quote Anne Elliott (lead character of Jane Austen’s Persuasion) loosely. My next question: it took a study to tell you this? Why didn’t you just come talk to me?

• Then there’s this. All I can say is that I want my own “household.” Only I want them to do things like fold the laundry, do the dishes, and take out the trash.

• This story just bothers me. Not to sound terrible, but something weird is going on there. Particularly disturbing is the adoptive parents’ assertion that the boy maybe found his siblings or birth parents or something. He was 11 years old. You don’t wait 10 years to call the police when an 11-year-old goes missing. Just saying!

Porsche is taking over VW! Does this mean I can trade my Jetta in for a good deal on a Porsche? As we decided at lunch, probably not, since you probably have to sign papers saying you have a garage to buy a Porsche. And I don’t. It is a sad thing. 😦

• And then there’s this Pat Knight story from Texas Tech, who as a Big 12 rival, I am sworn not to like. It just seems, so. . .  stupid. At least he didn’t throw a chair. That’s about all I can say on that one.

7 thoughts on “In review”

  1. True – romantic comedies and all other chick flicks have ruined our idea of actual romance.

    And what on earth were those parents thinking?????

  2. The old about the missing child just infuriates me.

    Romantic comedies do affect us. That’s why I don’t watch my “Anne of Green Gables” too often. It makes me wish for my own Gilbert and then turn melancholy.

    I wouldn’t mind being part of there “household.” hehe

  3. The story about the missing boy is creepy…and Derby is where Ryan’s parents live! His dad is the Chaplain for the Sedgwick County Police and Fire Depts.

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