Monday morning regrets

I knew better, yet I still made the coffee.

I knew that I would live to regret the 2 Cherry Coke Zeros and the 4 cups of coffee last night. I knew it would lead to a sleepless night, yet still I poured the coffee and drank the soda.

And even though I was exhausted, I ended up lying in bed staring at the ceiling wishing sleep would come, already dreading when the alarm would go off this morning. And, folks, it wasn’t pretty.

But here’s the deal: the new Cuisinart coffeemaker needed a test run. I hadn’t had Cherry Coke Zero in a week. I was tired and needed to stay awake until bedtime, you know, so I could sleep the night through and be ready for Monday and going back to work.

It doesn’t help that the first night in a new place (be it a hotel room, my parents’ house, or my first night back at my house after time away) is never a good sleep night for me. But even knowing that, I chose to ingest enough caffeine to kill a horse. In a 4-hour span. Score, Mandy!

So, it goes without saying that I’m not at the top of my game this morning. Let’s see how well I edit! And one of you might want to email or call around 2 p.m. to make sure I am awake, am not making poor decisions, or haven’t said or done something stupid in my delirium.

And you think I’m joking!


5 thoughts on “Monday morning regrets”

  1. there does need to be an intervention. caffeine addiction is real!

    like you owed it to the coffeemaker to do a test run the night before. the cherry coke zero was just as sad. we are here for you Mandy! don’t give up!

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