Baby Momma

When my Grandma Ruby arrived at my parents’ house yesterday for the Christmas craziness/celebration, I happened to be holding my nephew, Eli. He was all dressed up in his Santa suit and had practically fallen asleep immediately upon being handed to me. I’m that exciting.

Anyway, just a hint for future gatherings and experiences you might have: it’s confusing for an old  woman with some form of dementia to see someone she thinks she knows (me) holding a baby she can’t remember (Eli). Her brain will take the first logical jump it can, which is that the baby belongs to the person holding it.

Yep, I’m pretty sure that Grandma thought Eli was mine, judging from the way she looked at me and said “Well, where did he come from?”

I was quick to get my brother in there and point out the similarities. And hand that kid off to Amber. Because I really enjoy being his AUNT, not his mother.

(OH, well, more about the other random craziness later. Today we’re off to see my mom’s side of the family—where only the kids are getting gifts—and some more eating. I hear the buffalo wings have been replaced with smoked deer meat. My brother will not be happy.)


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