Reasons I am a dork

Many of you are already aware of my dorkiness. (I prefer to call myself “adorkable,” but you are welcome to your own opinions and terms. Just be nice when you call me names to my face!)

Anyway, I realized the extent of my dorky nature this morning while getting ready for work when I saw a commercial by Dr. Scholl’s. Yes, Dr. Scholl’s. And I got all excited by this thing. I mean, truly excited. Stop-what-you’re-doing-and-watch-the-commercial excited. (I have weird feet that basically hurt all the time, so this is interesting to me, OK?) But in that moment, I realized my own special brand of lameness, which led to this beautiful post. Are you ready? Here’s a whole list of reasons that I am not cool:

• During the road report this morning, the traffic reporter said there was an accident at 24 and OHB. For some reason (I was in getting ready in the bathroom and the TV is in my bedroom) I thought he said something about diplomats. I thought that diplomats had been involved in an accident on I-24 and OHB. I couldn’t figure out why diplomats were here, though.

• I’m wearing a graphic T-shirt to work (under a blazer, geeze!) and I’m feeling a bit like a rebel. Sad that something so dumb makes me feel like a rebel.

• I watched a Lifetime movie on Monday. Starring Heather Locklear. And a very cute boy much younger than her with whom she fell in love. It was all dumb and wrong, wrong, wrong. Yet I watched. And gazed admirably at the pretty guy. (Yes, I know, don’t call guys pretty.)

• I kind of want to buy this for my nephew. I did him a onesie that says, “If you think I’m cute, you should see my aunt.” Because, I am SO humble.

• Today is my dog’s birthday. I am celebrating and happily wished her a happy birthday this morning. She is 10 years old (people years) and got new bowls for her birthday. Too bad she won’t eat out of them.

• I’m feeling rather disappointed and sad in general right now and apparently am fighting back through the consumption of baked goods. So the plan is to only bake for others. If you receive baked goods . . . well, tis the season.

• I felt like I was about 8 years old when it snowed yesterday and ran around outside in it with my dog without a coat and not wearing real, actual shoes. It was fun. The neighbors already think I’m crazy, so I just roll with it.

• I nearly died (of boredom) in a meeting this morning. My remedy was to read whatever book was handy. I know all about the Baptist hymnal, y’all.

• I’m having trouble opening a peppermint stick someone sent my way.

Have a happy Friday, all, and a great weekend! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Reasons I am a dork”

  1. That onesie is absolutely adorable!!! If you can get past the price and the fact that Eli will probably only be able to wear it for about 3 months 🙂 But it may be the cutest baby onesie I’ve seen!

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