I need an intervention.

Because, apparently, I’m addicted to asking for your feedback on how I should wear my hair.

Today is cut and color day (gotta get my hair did before Christmas, guys)! That said, let’s discuss some options I’m considering. Please leave you comments ASAP, since the appointment’s at 4 p.m.!

So I mentioned growing my hair out a little. That would be something shaped kind of like this, only shorter in the back.


I’m also flirting with side bangs.


Or something kind of like this, only maybe a little longer, because I really don’t want to go really short these days.


Thoughts? Suggestions?

(Yes, I AM crazy. You all knew this when you picked me as a friend. Roll with it.)


6 thoughts on “I need an intervention.”

  1. I showed her the Reese pic, which is basically my hair. We both liked the length at the front and kept that. Then she went crazy in the back and it has “a lot of movement” to quote Andrea. And we talked about side bangs, but as Andrea pointed out, I have a small forehead and they’d have to be really short to look OK. So just a few long layers toward the front.

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