It’s Wednesday. I wish it were Friday. I had an all day, off-site meeting yesterday and am sort of brain dead. All that combines to give you this gem of blogging. So enjoy.

• Mizzou is off to a good start to the basketball season. They won last night (BIG) over Arkansas-Pine Bluff, which really, doesn’t count for all that much but a win. My parents were there. I’m tried to be happy for them, but all that really came up was jealousy.

• I saw a Sprint commercial last night in which the people were ice skating. I want to go ice skating. But I want to avoid that one fall I had the last time. I fell once and nearly knocked myself out. Good times.

• I haven’t really watched a lot of episodes of “30 Rock.” But lately, I’ve been watching it, mostly as a way to spend the time between “The Office” and “ER,” which I’ve been watching after years of not watching simply because it’s the last season for the show. But back to the subject: “30 Rock,” though sometimes so, so wrong, is FUNNY! I laugh out loud. I might be on my way to becoming a fan. Or at least a sort-of fan.

• My friend Kelly is getting married (!) in Dallas in January. I am officially going since I bought my plane ticket on Monday! I’ll be sharing a room with some friends from college (fun!) and hopefully bumming some rides off of them since I don’t want to pay for a rental car. Now, I just need something to wear. Any suggestions?

• Speaking of suggestions, I’m pondering letting my hair grow out a little. Thoughts?

• My Christmas tree and other random decorations are up. Notice that it is AFTER Thanksgiving.

•  I bought a lot of baking stuff the other day so I could get started on the holiday baking extravaganza. . . .but I forgot to buy shortening. Great!  I feel another trip to the store coming on! My favorite moment of holiday baking will come next week. We have the 4 Fabulous Days of Feasting at work in which the whole department is divided into different groups and someone brings food each day (Tuesday through Friday). My group brings food on Friday. I have dress rehearsal at church (meaning LONG) on Wednesday night, a party I have to bake for on Thursday night, and then bring food on Friday. So I guess I’ll make whatever next Tuesday? It seems to be the only plausible answer.

• My brain is still asleep and can’t think of anything else to write. So I hope you all have a beautiful day! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. Scott: The commercial for 30 Rock made me laugh last night. It’s so absurd, but absolutely hilarious. 🙂

    Janice: I’ll think about the hair. I really do just need a stylist like all the celebs have. Too bad I am not famous.

  2. On 30 Rock, Tracy Morgan and Kenneth the page crack me up. Oh and that guy with the hats. Alec Baldwin too…. Ok they all crack me up. A perfect show to follow The Office. 🙂

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