It’s time to go home

I love visiting my parents. I love coming home to the house I grew up in, hanging out with my brother and sister in law, holding my nephew Eli. I love seeing my grandma, talking with aunts and uncles, and sleeping in the room that used to be mine.

But its time to go home now.

I woke up this morning homesick for my house, my bed, my friends. I don’t hate being here and I’m not going to wish away all the moments of my remaining time in Missouri wishing I were somewhere else, but I’m a little homesick for Nashville. I’ll be there soon enough, though.

So I’ll spend what’s left of today hanging with my parents. I’m sure tonight will involve dinner with Jason, Amber, and Eli. And tomorrow is church at the church I grew up in, then the long drive back to Nashville, my home.

A little part of me can’t wait. (Even though I’ll miss the family terribly!)


3 thoughts on “It’s time to go home”

  1. Drive safe! Isn’t it strange that at some point we find home to be somewhere we didn’t grow up. It’s as though home is a feeling more than it is a place.

  2. oh, you can take the girl out of the country (and give her rebound earrings and fancy work outfits) but you can’t take the country out of the girl. 🙂

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