Ah, Thursday. We thought you’d never get here. Thursday means I have today, Friday, and Monday, then several days off! Yay! I gotta go see my darling nephew in Missouri. Oh, and celebrate Thanksgiving. And see my parents. But have you heard about my nephew?!

OK, OK, I know I’m annoying. On with the show:

• I discovered yesterday afternoon that while I don’t mind the drive to work, I hate the drive home. Hate it! I think I need a chauffeur. It would help if he were cute and looked good in a suit.

• I have to take my car in for an oil change and some work (replacing the headlight that my dad already replaced, but it went back out. . .) The plan is to wear a skirt and cute shoes. . .because I’m not above working my womanly wiles (what few I actually have) to help the service department be nicer to me. Too bad they too often read my attempts at “cute” and “womanly wiles” as “completely clueless about cars” and “stupid.” I must look like a good person to make wait 3 hours for her car to get fixed.

• I had a large group meeting yesterday in which I expected to be bored, so I started counting how many times another person in the meeting did this little tick he/she has. 98 times in a one hour meeting! And I missed a few, I’m sure.

• I don’t understand the mystery of radio reception in my office. Yesterday, I listened to a local radio station pretty much all morning with great reception on the not-so-great clock radio/CD player I have in my office. Today, it’s all static-y. Sometimes I have to put the radio on the floor of my office to get good reception. This problem began when Lightning 100 moved their offices from the L&C Tower (much closer to me) to Marathon Motor Works (close, but not as close).

• I forgot to make my lunch. OK, I refused. Anybody up for lunch out?

• I’m still mad about the Christmas tree that’s up in my department. No one else seems to care that much.

• I was working on a gift thing I’m making for my nephew for Christmas (a book!) and discovered that he shares a birthday with Roy Rogers (my dad will be proud), Art Garfunkel (my mom will like that), Bill Walton (my brother will like that), and Ryan Adams (I like that!). Also, apparently Ryan Adams and Bryan Adams of “All for Love” fame share a birthday of November 5. I bet that drives Ryan crazy! (And it irks me that at work I often have to explain the difference between the two of them.)

• In other info, I share a birthday with my brother AND Mark McGwire. Whom I still have an emotional attachment to, even though we’re on a break.

• Apparently, we’re having Thanksgiving at my parents’ house. When I asked who was coming, my mom just said, “You.” I asked if they were only inviting people they liked or something. . . . In reality, my brother’s family and I are for sure there. Various and sundry other Crows have been invited, but it’s not clear who is attending just yet. Because apparently, it’s genetic to not make up your mind until the last minute.

OK, enough is enough! Have a good day! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. I’m totally up for lunch out – I refused to eat more of the really sweet left-over spaghetti Jason made. It was good the first couple of days, but now, it’s just WAY too sweet. Anyway, because he’s wonderful, he left me $5 to eat lunch on, even though I told him I had money. I took it anyway.

  2. In 8th grade, the algebra teacher with a bad toupe said “what” as many as 82 times in 42 minutes. In high school, the English teacher that drank on the job said “um” as many as 110 times in 50 minutes. A director at work said the word “so” as many as 73 times in an hour. Perfect way to cure meeting/class boredom. 🙂

  3. When I’m bored, I start listening to every word the person is saying to see if I can catch all the letters of the alphabet from A to Z (in order!) I get to the point where I’m leaning in on the edge of my seat- thinking please have a J, please have a J- and I look like I’m not falling asleep!

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