Rest in pieces

I have this favorite pair of earrings. Now, they’re nothing special; they’re not expensive; and they’re probably worth, well, nothing. But I love them. I like their dangly-ness.I like the compliments they always get. I like the little bit of oomph they add to an outfit.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane with this special pair of ear baubles.


They’ve been to Bon Jovi concerts.


They’ve been to numerous holiday celebrations, including July 4 on the riverfront in Nashville.


They have frequently accessorized my work attire.


They’ve celebrated my birthday.


They’ve even been my companions for a quiet night at the house.


I’ve even worn them while working the exhibit hall and hanging out with Flatfoot 56 at YS in San Diego.

The point? I love these earrings. They’re my favorite, favorite accessory. And today . . . today, dear friends, they fell apart. Those dangly delights that I’d wear at every opportunity? Yeah, they now look like this:


You see, that part on the left side is supposed to be one whole piece. And it’s now two. My favorite earrings have finally given out. And I miss them already.

I’m making it my mission to find a replacement pair. Because this is a sad, sad day, my friends. 😦


11 thoughts on “Rest in pieces”

  1. don’t just go for the first pair of rebound earrings that comes down the street. make sure you are ready, and aren’t just trying to get the original pair back! they won’t be the original pair. then you’ll wake up one morning and realize you made a mistake!

  2. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little innocent rebound earring fun, Scott! I’m looking for some dashing, daring, slightly dangerous rebound earrings to just help me past this time of disappointment. Then I’ll settle down with the permanent pair.

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