I’m just going to say it

Guys, I’m exhausted. (Sorry, Mindy. Just deal with it. It was the only word that fit.)

While I am having a great time at this convention and am loving hanging out with coworkers I don’t get to see all that often when we’re all back in Nashville, I’m tired. I’m ready for my house, my coffee, my dog, my friends, and my family. It might be different if I were getting to do some more touristy stuff, but as it is, I’m here to work and that’s what I’m doing!

Last night, though, on the way back from dinner, some of the girls and I on the trip went for a little walk to see the Festival of Lights, a little thing involving, well, lights that PIttsburgh has going on until the end of November. First we saw a building with art projected onto it, then walked past two churches involved in the festival. Their submission seemed to be just turning on the lights so that we could see their stained glass windows, but let me tell you, these windows were amazing! We walked through the cemetery at Trinity Cathedral, a church built on land donated by the Penn family and containing graves of Revolutionary War soldiers. All of that history is kind of surreal to a girl raised in the Midwest where roots don’t go quite that far! (It was also a bit creepy to be exploring said cemetery in the dark on Halloween!)

Also, if you’d like to see some of the team at work in the booth, check out this link.

And watch the videos from the booth I’m working at the conference. If you watch the video called “Crazy Mascot,” you’ll see a short interview with me about the magazine. Which your churches should buy for their students. I’m just saying! (And, FYI, these videos are shot off the cuff on an iPhone. Don’t expect movie quality!)

I’ll be back in Nashvegas on Monday. But there’s a good chance I’ll be in MO next weekend celebrating the birth of a nephew. So you guys really need to miss me (or at least pretend you did) so that I feel good about myself. 🙂


One thought on “I’m just going to say it”

  1. We have to get together – if only just for lunch one day – before you go to MO so I can give you Eli’s blanket… and I finally got your birthday present, although it’s not what I had planned. I was trying to win a pair of really cool shoes on Ebay, but just never could get them. SORRY!

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