Signs you might be tired:

• During a phone conversation with a friend, he says, “Hey, I’ll see you Wednesday.” And you actually go through this thought process: What day is it? Isn’t today Wednesday? Is it Monday? No, Tuesday. That’s it; it’s Tuesday. Seriously.

• You develop a scratchy throat and a cough. Fun times.

• Your question to every other driver on the way to work is this: What is your deal?

• You’re actually too exhausted to sleep.

• That eye-twitchy thing that happens when you’re overly tired.

• A short temper and lack of patience.

• Not caring if your clothes actually match. Because I’m not really convinced mine do today. But for a change of pace, my purse does match my shirt. For once.

• Your dog even seems worried about your sanity.

• All the laundry you have completed AND folded is still sitting in the basket in your kitchen rather than getting put away. When that’s all you have to do: put it away. This may just be a sign of laziness, though.

• The only music you want to listen to on your iPod is slightly angry, European music. Bring on the Damien Rice!

• You can’t get to work on time even though you took a short shower and didn’t do much to your hair.

• You’re already mad at a coworker who hasn’t even arrived yet.

Yeah, despite popular opinion that I am a nice person, I’m beginning to doubt it. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Signs you might be tired:”

  1. the laundry is just laziness. i usually use my sofa as a closet until the clothes are gone. seriouisly, i have gone through all my tshirts since the pile’s been on my sofa.

    sounds like you and Sleep have fallen on hard times. 😉

  2. I’m not going to break up with Sleep, though. Not after that debacle with Rain. I took all this time to fold up the clothes and put them in the laundry basket to take upstairs. . . and it’s still in the kitchen. I just pick through it. Sad people are we.

    Another sign you’re tired: you talk like Yoda.

  3. I have the laundry problem, too. I fold laundry after the kids go to bed so I can’t go into their rooms to put it away. That’s a fairly good excuse. But the fact that it sometimes remains in the basket for over a week…well, that’s just laziness 🙂

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