It’s not over!

So I don’t think Rain and I have quite worked through our difficult patch just yet.

I will admit that I am in a fairly foul mood today. I will admit that I am stressed. I can even say that I should have accepted some of the blame in past problems with Rain. But today, Rain seems bent on pressing all my buttons.

You know, I didn’t mind walking the dog with Rain. It was kind of nice. I didn’t mind waking up to Rain’s gentle sound. Also kind of nice and relaxing. I did mind that when I dressed with care and did not wear white, Rain still decided to mess up my hair and rain even harder as soon as I walked out the front door. I do think that Rain had something to do with all the idiots on the road. Rain, I even had to honk at some lady who didn’t get that when you’re around, there’s still things called lanes. She seemed to think she could drive in two. Maybe that’s not your fault, but really, I’m still blaming you.

So, hopefully, I’ll get over this bad mood and you’ll stop being so annoying. Because I’m really glad that you’ve actually showed up these last few days.

But I sometimes feel that you’re just mocking me. And it’s not OK.

So man up. Take some blame. Stop playing games!


6 thoughts on “It’s not over!”

  1. hold up, you mock me and blame me for all your morning troubles then try to tidy up at the end by saying you’re glad i came around? talk about two face!

    look, i can’t control people driving on the road. you might as well blame Sunshine for the people who speed. i can’t take responsibility for you not covering your head with a bonnet or even carrying and umbrella. umbrellas are widely available.

    so as much as you want to go along with Milli Vanilli, you can’t blame me.

  2. Well, Rain. I was just being a girl. Sometimes we talk circles around ourselves and expect you to read our minds and understand what we’re really saying under all that. I’m just saying you’re hit or miss. You’re here a lot, then you’re gone. You seem to think it’s quite alright to ignore me, then come crawling back. I am glad you’re here, but I was having a bad morning and in a bad mood. And all the crazy drivers didn’t help. And maybe, maybe, I took the wrath out on you. Because my head hurts, I’ve had 3 back-to-back meetings and I just had to meet Mark Hall of Casting Crowns with bad hair.

    And bonnets. . . not a good fashion choice.

    And really, nice call on Milli Vanilli.

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