I used to believe. . .

awhile back, I posted a few things I used to believe as a child. Guess what? There’s MORE!

I used to believe . . .

• that when a woman was pregnant and had the baby, all the belly magically went away. Now that I’m old enough to actually have kids and some of my friends do, I realize that while a lot of the weight does leave with the baby, it doesn’t disappear and go back to normal. I think this falacy was helped along by a Barbie couple I had. She came to you pregnant (a big dress, I think) and when you decided it was time, you could give her the babies. That’s right, babies. Twins. A boy and a girl. (I also had a lot of boy/girl twin dolls. Because I was one, I guess?) And the Barbie Momma went back to being the fashion model she was after this “birth.”

• I believed that a colorful, talking worm lived under the dresser in my parents’ bedroom. I think I actually dreamed this one time and it sort of worked its way into being reality for me when I was really little.

• I thought the phrase “Midwest farmers’ daughter” in the Beach Boys’ “California Girls” was all about me.

• I thought every family listened to and played John Denver songs. Then I found out it was just mine.

• I believed that commercials were live and happening as I watched. And felt sorry for those kids on Saturday mornings who had to eat that cereal over and over again. (Not a big fan of cereal!)

• I thought everyone knew what traveling was in the game of basketball and watched it religiously. I was going to high school games when I was so small that I could sit on the part of the bleachers where your feet went and put my legs under the seat in front of me and use it as a desk. Because I did.

• I thought coffee was gross and tasted like “boiled weeds.”

• I believed that my Grandpa Marion came back from WWII with no hair because it actually did get “shot off.”

That’s enough for today! Have a good one!


6 thoughts on “I used to believe. . .”

  1. I believed that the people actually were in the TV – all of them. And that they really were that small. And that when you turned off the TV, they all went to sleep. And I assumed that since real people were in the TV, that cartoons were actually real, too – and always felt sad when the Coyote would plunge off a cliff while chasing the Road Runner. Or when he repeatedly got hit in the head with an anvil. Yes, it’s all real. Poor Coyote!

  2. I used to believe that acne when away when you weren’t a teenager anymore. And that movie stars were cool. And oddly enough that coffee tasted like boiled weeds.

    I always wanted to meet one of those Northern girls from that song.

  3. I believed that there were little policemen who stood inside traffic lights and made them change.

    I believed that when I got new shoes, my old shoes would cry because they were sad I did not wear them anymore.

    And most of all, I REALLY, REALLY believed in Mighty Mouse. (I’m showing my age, I’m afraid.)

  4. – Wearing Superman underoos could make me fly. (To many a painful result.)
    – The Chicago Bears players that came into my father’s hardware store were at least 12 feet tall.
    – Mr. T was really mean and “pitied the fool” in real life. I met him several times and he was very nice and fun!… oh do i have stories!:)
    – Mushrooms were not meant to be eaten.
    – Time would stop if my clock stopped.
    – Ryne Sandberg hit a home run only because I yelled at the TV “Hit a homer Ryno!”
    – Bozo the Clown was the source of everything funny.
    – Wizzo the Wizard on the “The Bozo Show” (see a trend here?) could change me into a cartoon when he said “dooo-deee-dooo-deee-doooo”.
    – Mr Roger’s “Land of Make-Believe” was on the other side of my closet.

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