A tiny rant

OK, so I’m traveling alot in the next couple of months for work.

A week from today, I go to Chicago for FOLIO. On September 30, I go to Baltimore for an ec focus group. And come back on October 1, my birthday. A day I specifically requested we NOT travel on. But I am. And I’m somehow now in charge of this trip. (We’re in trouble if I’m the leader!) On October 30, I go to Pittsburgh for YS.

And today, I had to make stupid travel reservations. Which wouldn’t be so bad if the system we have to use at work to do this wasn’t so stinking hard to use.

For example, I find flights, reserve a car, and a hotel for my trip to Baltimore. I forward said info on to the people who are traveling with me so they can get online, make the same reservations for the same flight and hotel. . . .and suddenly the flight no longer exists, according to this system. Thing is, it’s not full. It’s actually still there. . . the system just doesn’t show it. We actually have the one system that it’s easier to call someone up and make a reservation than it is to use the online reservation program.

But we have to make reservations online because it costs more to call.

And we’d be happy to do it, if the system worked right just once!

It’s a good thing we’re switching to a different reservation system on October 1.

Let’s just hope it’s better.


3 thoughts on “A tiny rant”

  1. sometimes i can’t even log on to my company’s travel site. it can be a pain, but when i’m on travel, it’s easy to call them up to change something. i feel like i’m pretty important.

  2. I’d actually prefer talking to them, because A) they’re nice B) they get things done right the first time C) they don’t time out! 🙂
    I’ve never had to call them while traveling, though I’ve heard they’re good about helping. Oh, well. Arrangements made.
    Yay for Chicago, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh!

  3. I’m all about the Cubbies & the Steelers!! 🙂 I’m SOOOO jealous that you get to go to the towns of my favorite teams – and I’m stuck here in Mid TN!

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