OK, guys. All the traveling, standing, carrying heavy boxes, riding rides, and quite possibly being a tad bit smelly are still taking their toll on me. So while I hope to write something profoundly beautiful at some point, some random dispatches are all you’re getting for the time being.

• I jut saw a commercial for Gillete High Performance shampoo for men. The commercial involved a lot of guys doing the hair toss thing we usually only get to see in Pantene commercials. . . . and, you know, when I want a guy to do something for me. But it doesn’t work so well when you’ve chopped all your hair off. Anyway, it was a weird commercial and I feel a little sorry for the actors who had to be in it and receive such direction as, “Yeah, take off your motorcycle helmet, toss your head, then run your fingers through your hair. Now, smile. Yes, that’s it.”

• I have some weird bump inside my mouth on my lower lip. I think it’s from all the stress of work last week and my extended work days, along with the exhaustion (but fun!) of the weekend. My mom gets fever blisters; I get this. (Sorry, ya’ll, I know this is way more than you wanted to know, but I’m telling you anyway!)

• There’s a new game show where all people try to do is contort their bodies to fit through a cut-out in a wall moving toward them. This is apparently the whole concept. And Mindy has watched it. I told her I’d just lost a little respect for her.

• I’m listening to Confederates in the Attic, a book by Tony Horwitz, on Sonic Theater on XM Radio. It’s a non-fiction book about a guy who traced the route of the Civil War. Right now, he’s in Charleston, S.C., a city I’ve visited only once because I begged my parents to go there on a family vacation. I’d love to go back, though. So much history! But I did get a little seasick on the ferry from the harbor to Ft. Sumpter. Which is not very far and most people don’t get sick. I was the one loser on the boat!

• The ec intern starts today! Yay!

• My dog is still “vacationing” at my parents’ house. I don’t know when I’m going to get her back. It’s weird to get up in the morning and not have to take her outside. And last night, I opened the back door and she didn’t come running. I actually stood there and looked around for her for awhile. 😦

• Speakerphone is an evil invention. There’s a lady down the hall who cannot talk on her phone without using it. And she can’t just speak; she yells. Apparently, that’s what you do when you talk on speakerphone. Sometimes, she’s on her office phone (speaker, of course) and her cell phone simultaneously. And we hear it all. Thing is, I don’t want to hear it all!

OK, off to figure out what I’m going to say to the intern today and what I’m going to ask her to do today. Fun times!


2 thoughts on “Dispatches”

  1. I’m afraid to admit that I watched a bit of that “hole” show, too. I was flipping back and forth between that and the football game. It was mildly entertaining and totally stupid. I don’t think it’s something I’ll choose to watch again, though.

    And I totally agree with you about that speakerphone thing. I don’t like it at all…

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