The story that begs to be written!

(Sorry for the exclamation point. I’ve just been wanting to blog about my trip here for days AND even though we’re staying in a fancy hotel, you have to pay $$$$$ for the Internet in your room, which I’m too cheap to spring for and instead waited until I had time to hang out in the lobby and steal the free access. Yes, I AM that girl!)

OK, back to our previously scheduled blog:
I left Nashville around 11 a.m. on Thursday morning. I, for some unknown reason, was flying US Air. Which meant I had to fly through Charlotte, N.C. That was a new experience. And I can’t really say much for the airport because I was there for so short a time. I ran from terminal A to get food, then jetted on to terminal B. And they had free Wi-Fi, so I would give them a favorable rating at this point.

On the first leg of this trip, I sat next to a girl who was moving home to Houston from Nashville (poor girl!). AND she had her dog on the plane with her. AND it was her first flight. Ever. So I was trying to be a nice calming influence and ease her fears and pet her dog. The first words she said to me were, “If she [her dog] starts licking you, I’ll turn her the other way.” Which is fine. I don’t mind dogs. I like dogs. But seriously, not a good opener.

So we got to Charlotte and I was off to the races getting food and to my connection. This is the best part of the story. I got on plane and happily settled in. Then my seatmates came along. They were A: Russian, Polish, and/or speakers of some harsh language with a lot of phlegm; and B: did not believe in deodorant. Or at least love it with the same passion that I do. Might I add that this plane was HOT because it took forever for us to get backed up and the air flowing. And Senor Stinky right next to me kept raising his arms. And I kept trying to find polite ways to cover my nose. Finally, I just went to sleep (or pretended like I was) for the rest of the flight so I wouldn’t have to think about them.

We got to Orlando about 15 minutes before schedule, but that wasn’t so cool after they took our bags on a guided tour of the tarmac for about 30-45 minutes. I finally got my bag, found the rental car place, and got on the road to the hotel. I had remembered early that morning that the road I would take from the airport to the hotel included tolls, so I was prepared with my 75 cents. I got to the hotel, got checked in, and up to my room in record time. And was seriously only there for about 3 seconds before I had to rush to the lobby to meet the rest of the crew for a cookout we were going to at the guy from universal who’s helping us out’s house.

AND I assumed this was a full-on cookout with family and such. Um, yeah, he’s a bachelor and it involved us helping cook. Which was fine and fun, just not what I expected! 🙂

Things have been going well. I was on my feet most of yesterday, talking to youth ministers and leaders of all different denominations in the stage lounge last night, then over in the “quiet” lounge talking to a few leaders and mostly eating all the free food. Oh, and comendeering computers to check my blog and e-mail. In good office news, I got my intern! Happy days are here again. I’m going to post a the few pics I currently have of my trip here on Flickr.

(and leave comments. I miss you guys. . . . )


2 thoughts on “The story that begs to be written!”

  1. Well, that’s what my inner hostess said. . . but no one else seemed to think it was weird. So I just went with it. 🙂
    I personally would never invite people to my house and make them work. Unless I was serving fondue, which will never happen.

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