Leaving on a jet plane

So tomorrow I leave for Orlando and Rock the Universe.

Yesterday, I finally got some (not all) the info about what I’ll be doing. I don’t think men appreciate schedules as much as women do. Or the men planning this trip don’t appreciate them as much as I do. All that said, I’ll be staffing a “lounge.” I’m not sure what that means!

I also finally decided to look at my flight itinerary. And I’m flying through Charlotte, N.C., since I’m flying US Air. A new airport! This should be an experience. I’ll rate it while I’m there and give you all the info.

Now if I could just get my mind off leaving and get something accomplished here at work. I’ve got to do an expense report, edit some devos, worry about something, and find a T-shirt I’m supposed to have but don’t think I do. Plus, I’m currently giving myself a guilt trip about something that’s totally out of my hands! Fun times.

All that to say, I probably won’t get to post tomorrow. I’ll try to update at some point from Orlando. If I don’t get stuck in Charlotte.

I’ve already had to call IT today. My computer stopped communicating with the printer. Yay!

I have to do said expense report before I leave. I have to reset password in expense report program. It keeps timing out. Over and over. And telling me I can’t use the password I just entered. Oy! I need chocolate. And coffee. And Glen Hansard. Where’s my iPod?

Mmm, lunch. Expense report submitted and not sent back to me. Yet. Now have directions to hotel and confirmation number in Orlando. Need stamps to mail a few things. Am frustrated that I’ve done so many little things, but can’t really charge them toward a product on the time tracker system we have to use. It looks like I’ve done nothing all day!

2:09 p.m. Receive email asking me to fix something on the previously mentioned expense report. (I’ve only ever NOT gotten it sent back once. ONCE in some 3.5 years!)

Meeting at church in an hour. Geeze. I’m tired. And I need stamps. Who still sends mail anyway?


7 thoughts on “Leaving on a jet plane”

  1. Dork! 🙂 I’ve already been instructed numerous times to get all of my receipts this time. Because the rules have changed and I didn’t do it according to the new rules last time and people were NOT happy! 🙂

  2. OK, Mindy, so you know I’m not an “Office” fan, but I totally got that you were making fun of it!:) You girls should be really proud of me. It helped that when I read it, for some reason, Michael’s voice popped in my head. No clue where that came from!!

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