Unfinished Business

“A finished person is a boring person.” Anna Quindlen

My life is full of unfinished edges.

Relationships that continue to grow and change.

A life that continues to be shaped by God. Hopes, dreams, and disappointments, a future I can’t fully see.

I’m not a finished person and this site reflects that. Feeling a little unfinished yourself? You’ve come to the right place.


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“Award-winning” posts


  • Coworker: Look at your hair. Me: I learned a new skill. Coworker: What? The curling iron? Me: Yep. I've pretty much failed at it for 36 yrs 1 day ago
  • Yes, parents of kindergarteners at Judson, I'm the teacher who likes to do good activities with your… instagram.com/p/0x6V22IGFB/ 3 days ago
  • Then a friend called and needed help b/c she & kids were locked out of their house. So, I got to work an hour later than usual. 5 days ago
  • Including on me, which meant changing clothes. 5 days ago
  • this morning, I got out of bed late. I ate breakfast late. I walked the dog late. I rushed to my car, late. And I spilled coffee everywhere 5 days ago

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