Unfinished Business

“A finished person is a boring person.” Anna Quindlen

My life is full of unfinished edges.

Relationships that continue to grow and change.

A life that continues to be shaped by God. Hopes, dreams, and disappointments, a future I can’t fully see.

I’m not a finished person and this site reflects that. Feeling a little unfinished yourself? You’ve come to the right place.


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“Award-winning” posts


  • That time I put a scarf on my dog and turned him into a hipster. instagram.com/p/uYlC1IoGBz/ 1 day ago
  • The email I have to send as an editor that I hate: Hey, your article was due. Any ETA on when I'll get that? 1 day ago
  • @askRegions I have gathered there are some checkcard issues today. Will be using mine in a bit. Is the issue resolved? 4 days ago
  • because I know everyone cares what I think--it infuriates me that postseason baseball is relegated to fox sports 1 which many fans don't get 1 week ago
  • So @mikaelateach1 and I made it to Chicago, survived a hotel mix up and walked 8 miles around the city. 1 week ago

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